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Connecting to Your PvC Management Network VPN

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The following guide explains the process of connecting to your Private Cloud (PvC) Management Network VPN. The connection is required to access your Management Control panel at

Getting to your VPN URL

  1. Log in to with your username and password
  2. Go to My Cloud > Private Cloud 
  3. Click on the Private Cloud Service you want to manage
  4. Scroll down to Hosting Information and here you will find a section with the VPN URL and the credentials, click Show to reveal the passwordPvC Center

Create a User

  1. Log in to the VPN URL using the credentials found in the previous steps
  2. Navigate to System > Access > Users
     OPNSense User Section
  3. Click the +Add button on the top right-hand corner
  4. Fill in the Username and Password fields 
    OPNSense User Info
  5. Scroll down and check "Click to create a user certificate"  and leave all other fields with their default settings
    OPNSense Create Certificate Option
  6. Click Save and you will be redirected to the User Certificate creation page. We will use the default settings, you may update the options accordingly:
    OPNSense User Certificate
  7. Click Save to finish creating the User Certificate
  8. Click Save again to finish creating the User

*You can create multiple users by following the same steps again. Having multiple users would be useful for team collaboration and tracking sessions to the VPN.


Export Configuration

  1. Navigate to VPN > OpenVPN > Client Export
  2. Make sure the Hostname is set to your VPN URL and Port is set to 1194 
    OPNSense Export User 1
  3. For Mac users Select File Only from the Export Type dropdown, For Windows users select Archive format
  4. Click the Cloud Download icon to the right of the user you have created
    OPNSense Export User 2

Install and Connect Using OpenVPN Client


  1. Download and install the OpenVPN client at or click here for the Windows 7 version and here for the Windows 10 version
  2. Start the OpenVPN GUI by double-clicking the icon on your Desktop
  3. Unzip the file you downloaded earlier
  4. Copy all the files inside the .zip to the C:\Users\YOUR_USER\OpenVPN\config directory
    Windows VPN 1
  5. Right-click the OpenVPN GUI icon in your taskbar and click Connect
    Windows VPN 2
  6. Type the Username and Password you created earlier, save the password, and click OK
    Windows VPN 3
  7. You should now be connected to your Private Cloud Management Network


  1. Download and install Tunnelblick by following the instructions here
  2. Once Installed, drag the ovpn file downloaded from your VPN control panel and drop it into the icon in your menu bar at the top, the icon is like this: tunnelblick icon
  3. Accept the message, it may ask you for permissions to access your disk and/or Users access, you can allow all users on the computer or only your user:
    Tunnelblick warning
  4. Click on the Icon and click on the Connect Option:
    Tunnelblick Connect
  5. Enter the username and password that were created under Create a User section.
  6. You should get a Connected successfully notification, Now you can use to access your Private Cloud

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