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FAQ - What is the advantage of Virtual Machine Hosting vs Shared Hosting?

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Shared Hosting is very popular because it is economical - the service allows multiple customers to share the resources of one computer, thereby spreading out costs among many. In order to protect the integrity of information, file security schemes are used. In order to insulate one customer from another, some key processes are mapped to a specific domain (customer). These solutions are workable, but the bottom line is that being on a shared server is like living in an apartment with a lot of common areas.

The Virtual Machine (VM) is designed to be economical, by allowing multiple customers to share the resources of one computer, yet with an extremely high degree of privacy and insulation. The separation is achieved by running a complete separate operating system for each customer. VM customers have "root" level access and can enjoy many of the benefits of a dedicated server, at a much lower cost. VM is like living in a town house, without the long term house payment!

eApps is pleased to offer VM hosting with resource allocations set by using our Create-A-Cloud™, starting at a low price of less than $15 per month! We use state of the art cloud management software from OnApp, running 32 or 64 bit Xen virtual machines, to implement our Virtual Machine in the Cloud service.
Here are some key advantages that Virtual Machine hosting has over shared hosting.

1. Performance - All resources are guaranteed in the Xen based VM environment. One customer can not run away with a large share of the resources. Your service will run reliably and predictably.
2. Cloud Platform - Each Virtual Machine runs in a state of the art Cloud Platform. This platform offers significant advantages for reliability and performance.
3. Customer Installed Applications - With our Virtual Machine you have your own partition and root access. You have the ability to install
applications that we do not offer. Please note that we do not provide support for customer installed applications. You also must assume the responsibility to update any applications that you install in the event that a security vulnerability is discovered in the version you install.
4. Security - Some applications require that certain ports and/or protocols be opened or closed in the firewall. With Shared hosting,
custom firewall configurations are not advisable for security reasons. Under the VM, custom firewall configurations are feasible because of the partitioning between customers. With a VM, you can close ports using the IPTables feature. For added security we offer an IPSec compatible VPN service, and other security services.
5. Growth Path - Our Cloud Management system provides the ability to easily and quickly adjust your resources to meet demand. You can easily and quickly upgrade or downgrade your resources on a selective basis. The bottom line is that you have a custom plan that fits your exact resource requirements. We also have load balancing services to achieve even higher levels of performance and uptime.

If you are on a VPS hosting plan using Virtuozzo and the Parallels PBA Control Panel, please contact Sales if you have any questions -

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