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FAQ - What is the difference between VPS Hosting & VM in the Cloud hosting?

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The Virtual Private Server (VPS) uses Virtualization to partition a physical server into logical containers, each of which functions as a separate physical server. Each VPS allows root access and full control to the user, including the ability to start and stop any process as well as stop and reboot the VPS itself. 

The Virtual Machine in the Cloud (VM) service also uses Virtualization to partition the server into logical containers. Users have root access and full control, just the same as a VPS server. In fact, at the "container" level there is no difference between a VPS and a VM assuming that they use the same Virtualization technologies.

The primary differences between VPS hosting and VM hosting are in how data is stored, and how the physical servers and virtual containers are managed.

With VPS hosting, the VPS containers are on a self contained server with its own set of disk drives, typically in a RAID array for better reliability. Management software is used to provision VPS containers and help the hosting provider bill for and administer them.

VM in the Cloud hosting is more sophisticated because it is designed for greater uptime. The physical servers do not store any of the VM's data. All data is stored on a redundant, high speed mass storage unit, called a SAN (storage area network). The SAN is a very reliable device and in and of itself and is configured with an identical hot failover unit in the unlikely event that it does fail. VM in the Cloud hosting also uses a sophisticated Cloud management system, that goes beyond provisioning, billing and administration. The Cloud management system is designed to make it easy to adjust and track resource usage. This management system checks on the health of all of the physical servers and when a hardware failure occurs, automatically restarts the virtual machines that are impacted on other healty servers. The combination of sophisticated resource management, and "self healing" are a superior paradigm for hosting services.

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