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FAQ - What types of Referral and Reseller Partner support does eApps Hosting offer?

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eApps offers three options to support third parties that bring hosting business to eApps Hosting and also has a referral program for third parties that provide design and development services that eApps does not provide. The three options for third parties that bring hosting business to eApps Hosting are as follows (options may not be combined):

1) Affiliate - This option is designed for web designers and developers that do not want to be involved in the billing and support of the end customer for the hosting service. Upon joining the eApps Affiliate program, you will be provided with a unique URL that you can give to your customers and site visitors. Your URL identifies your customer to eApps. Our system will track the referral and credit your eApps account each month for a percentage of the value of the hosting service they purchase. eApps customers can join the Affiliate Program on-line from For more information, contact the eApps Hosting sales department.

2) Frequent Buyer -- This is a volume discount option, designed for any customer that purchases multiple hosting hosting services from eApps. Web designers and developers that are involved in billing and supporting the end customer often choose this program. Please contact the eApps Hosting Sales department for information on volume discounts. Go to our Contact Us page and use one of the methods to contact our Sales department. We will be pleased to discuss this option with you.

3) Reseller (Plesk and cPanel Control Panels) -- The Reseller option is designed for eApps customers that want to provide hosting services to their customers from inside an eApps Virtual Machine (or Dedicated server). This is achieved using the third party provided Plesk or cPanel control panels. These control panels allow you to manage and administer a Virtual Machine at the site and domain level. They are widely used for Reseller hosting. They allow you to define resource allowances and set up administrative logins at the domain level.  To use the Plesk or cPanel control panel you must purchase an eApps Virtual Machine and choose one of the OS Templates that has Plesk or cPanel built in. You also need a license from the vendor of these control panels. You can provide your own license or purchase one from eApps.

eApps also offers a program for third parties that perform web design and development services and want to offer those services to eApps Hosting customers: 

Service Partner
-- eApps Hosting maintains a list of third parties and the services they offer. In the event that an eApps Customer needs a specific service, we will refer qualified Service Partners to the customer. The Service Partner pays eApps Hosting a reasonable referral fee should the customer choose them to provide the needed service.
If you are on a VPS hosting plan using Virtuozzo and the Parallels PBA Control Panel, please contact Sales if you have any questions -

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