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FAQ - Who has access to my Virtual Machine in the Cloud or VPS server?

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Data Center Access - The physical access to the data center is very tightly controlled. There are security guards on site 24/7, and only authorized personnel are allowed past the front desk. To gain access to the data center server room, three biometric scans are done, including a retina scan. All of the eApps servers and network equipment are kept in locked cages inside the data center. Access to the server cage itself requires an ID check and a signature in order to obtain the key.

Electronic/Network Access - Electronic access to the server itself is controlled through the security scheme of the operating system and application software components. All of our servers reside behind our carrier grade firewall, which is monitored at all times. You also have access to iptables, SSL, and Virtual Private Networks to further secure the access to your Virtual Machine. You are also able to stop and start the Virtual Machine, as well as any processes running on it. Please note - you are responsible for allowing your users remote access to the Virtual Machine, and for what that person does while connected to your VM.

eApps Tech Support Access - Our tech support representatives have complete access to your server. This is an absolute necessity to providing effective support. All eApps Employees undergo a rigorous employment review which includes extensive background checking. Please do not implement security measures that will prevent our technicians from accessing your service. These inevitably cause problems when we need to help you or restart your service.

Confidentiality Policy
- eApps makes its best faith effort to protect the confidentiality of your server. Please do not ask eApps personnel to provide passwords over insecure channels or to people that are not listed as an account contact.

Customer Reboots
-- If you have a dedicated server, or you have a Virtual Machine with the optional monitoring service, you are required to notify the Tech Support Team in the event that you need to reboot your server. Informing them prior to performing a start/restart on your machine ensures that a false alarm is not triggered in our monitoring system. If you fail to notify our Tech Support department, and our support reps respond to the alarm that your server is down, you may be liable for service fees for the time expended trying to resolve the false alarm.

If you need more information on the security of our operation, please contact the Sales department.

If you are on a VPS hosting plan using Virtuozzo and the Parallels PBA Control Panel, please contact Sales if you have any questions -

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