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Policy - Self Installed Software

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With the eApps VPS and Virtual Cloud services, you have "root" access and may install software that you have developed as well as third party software that you are licensed to use. However, you are subject to the eApps Operating Rules (Acceptable Use Policy) which specifically forbids software and services that pose a risk to the hosting environment. For allowed software, you are also bound by the following terms regarding support for and security of any software you install.

Support of Self Installed Software - support for software you install is not included in the hosting fee. You are responsible for any and all support for self installed software. Furthermore, if software that you install causes problems in your VPS hosting environment, you may be liable to pay for any assistance required by eApps to fix or restore your hosting environment. If you need assistance installing and supporting self installed software, eApps assistance may be available on a fee basis as agreed upon by you and eApps.

Security and Vulnerability of Self Installed Software - software installed by customers results in a risk that vulnerabilities in the software will be uncovered after installation. Software that has vulnerabilities is subject to exploitation by hackers. The impact of hackers that target vulnerable software can be significant and may result in an outage of your service, can damage your VPS environment, can severely impact other users of the eApps Hosting service, and can cause general mayhem to Internet users outside of the eApps network. Customers that install software onto their Virtual Server or VPS have the responsibility to update and patch self installed software to eliminate vulnerabilities and assume all risks associated with the use of this software. In the event that eApps has to take action to prevent hackers from having access to your VPS, to fix your VPS environment, or otherwise assist you in resolving issues related to self installed software being exploited, you will be responsible to pay for the time incurred by eApps. Furthermore, eApps has the right to stop your VPS service in the event that your VPS service has been compromised in such a way that it negatively impacts other users of the eApps Hosting service or other users of the Internet.

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