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User Guide - New Top Level Domains (TLDs)

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User Guide - New Top Level Domains


Over the past few years, thousands of new TLDs have become available to use when registering websites. A TLD, or Top Level Domain, is the last part of a fully qualified domain name. As an example, in the domain name, the .com is the TLD.

As new TLDs are launched website owners have more choices and creativity in picking their domain names. If you are a blogger you can choose a .blog TLD, if you own a flower shop you can use .florist, and your rugby team can have .rugby. The new TLDs will also make it easier for people to find what they are looking for online, and will make it easier for others to find you. A full list of the new TLDs is here -

eApps customers can take advantage of new TLDs even if you do not see them available in our store. Just contact our Billing department and let them know what TLD you would like to have.

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