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Policy - Application and Database Server Version Maintenance

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Updates - Point releases and patches are issued by the provider on a regular basis. After testing, eApps will make the updated versions available via the Control Panel, along with release notes and upgrade instructions as appropriate. Customer's may install these updates at their discretion. In the event that the update is required to eliminate a security issue or significant technical problem, eApps may elect to apply the updates. eApps will always strive to notify customers whenever an eApps performed update is applied. However,if the update is not expected to impact customer applications or if a significant security breach is present and time is of the essence, the updates may be applied without notifying the customer.

Upgrades - Major version upgrades have a likelihood that they will impact an application and generally do not need to be installed to eliminate a security breach. As with updates, eApps will test the new version and make it available via the Control Panel, along with release notes and upgrade instructions as appropriate. Customers are responsible for installing the new version and making whatever changes need to be made to use the new version. eApps sometimes charges a small one time fee for upgrading to a new version.

If eApps drops support for an old version, all customers will be notified that they have a set time period to verify that their application runs on the new version. If the version has reached End of Life according to the provider, the customer is responsible for moving all files and data to the new environment, and configuring and testing their application. If the version is being dropped by eApps, but has not reached End of Life, then the move will be performed by eApps or the customer at the customer's discretion. Please note that eApps takes no responsibility for errors or omissions resulting from eApps performed moves.

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