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User Guide - Virtual Servers with no installed Control Panel (CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu)

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General Information for Virtual Server customers with a CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu template without an installed Control Panel

Some CentOS templates, as well as the Debian and Ubuntu templates, do not come with a pre-built and installed Control Panel. These Virtual Servers are managed from the command line, or you can install a Control Panel of your own choosing and use that to manage the VS. There are many server Control Panels available, including a large number of free and/or open source choices.

Virtual Server templates without a built-in Control Panel DO NOT have access to the eApps Application Repository. You will need to manage your applications (install, update, upgrade) and any administrative functions that are not handled in the Customer Portal using the tools available natively for each operating system.

IMPORTANT - eApps support is only available for Control Panels that are installed as part of the OS template when the Virtual Server is built. Any Control Panel that you install on a CentOS, Debian, or Ubuntu Virtual Server that was not part of the original template comes with no free support from eApps.

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