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FAQ - Can I load software onto my VPS?

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Yes! You have root level control and may load software onto your VPS or Virtual Cloud Software. However, there are several important things to know about installing your own software.

1) Acceptable Use - Any software that you install must comply with the eApps Operating Rules (Acceptable User Policy). This policy specifically restricts the use of certain software and scripts.

2) Resource Limitations - your Virtual Server has a finite amount of resources available. You will need to make sure that the application you wish to install will actually run given your resource limits. If not, you will need to increase those limits to accommodate the application you wish to run.

3) Support - eApps support is only available for the application that are installed from the eApps software repository, meaning that you are wholly responsible for supporting the applications you install yourself. If you require any assistance from eApps for the applications you install, there will be a service charge billed to you based on the amount of time spent to assist you.

4) Security - you assume the risk of ensuring that the applications you install yourself are secure. Security vulnerabilities are often discovered long after a version of the software has been in use, so you will need to constantly check to make sure that you are up to date on all versions and patches of the software you install. If your Virtual Machine is compromised or exploited because of software that you installed yourself, you could find yourself responsible for all the consequences, including disk and date usage overage charges, and issues dealing with any activity that originated from your VM due to the software being exploited. Depending on the nature of the exploit, your account may also be canceled.

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