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FAQ - How do I transfer a domain from eApps registrar to another registrar?

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Here is the procedure if you want to transfer a domain from the eApps registrar (eNom), to another registrar:

1. Send a request to telling us the domain that you want to transfer. Please note that it is not possible to transfer a domain that is less than 60 days old.

2. We will unlock your domain and send you the EPP code (transfer code) that you need to initiate the transfer

3. You will need to verify that the Admin e-mail contact in your Whois record is valid. Our registrar will send a confirmation e-mail regarding the transfer to the Admin email account, and if that account is not valid or no longer working, this will delay the transfer.

4. You will then need to initiate the transfer through the new registrar or hosting provider. eApps CAN NOT initiate transfers to your new registrar, this is done through the registrar that the domain is transferring to. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THIS.

5. If you need to change the DNS, let us know and we will provide you a login to your domain records that will allow you to change your DNS.

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