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FAQ - How long will it take to establish my account?

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New Virtual Machine in the Cloud Hosting accounts can be provisioned within minutes automatically by our advanced hosting management system. However, due to the high incidence of fraud in our industry, all orders must pass through our fraud protection systems prior to being provisioned. These systems will not allow your order to be processed unless certain criteria are met which may include requiring you to perform one or more validation confirmation actions. In the event that your order does not pass fraud detection, we will have to review and approve your order manually. Please note that if your order is held for manual review, your card is not actually charged, and service does not start, until we approve the order and provision the service.

If you have trouble getting your order processed you can contact us via phone, Skype or chat. We will be pleased to assist you. If you want to pay by check or wire transfer, please contact our sales department at +1-770-448-2100 (US) or +44 (0)20 8133 6940 (UK) and press 3 or send an email to

We appreciate your patience on processing approvals. We try to be responsive as possible. We want to welcome you into the eApps family of customers as soon as possible. However, we don't want to let the 'bad guys' in and so our process for authenticating orders is more rigorous than many hosting companies.
If you are on a VPS hosting plan using Virtuozzo and the Parallels PBA Control Panel, please contact Sales if you have any questions -

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