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FAQ - I can buy SSL certificates for less than what eApps sells them for. Why should I buy a certificate through eApps?

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SSL Certificates are a very effective way to secure data being transferred between your site and your site visitors. Many companies now sell SSL certificates, some of them for very low prices. There are technical differences in the products offered and differences in the guarantee offered by provider of the SSL certificates. However, the main difference between certificates is brand awareness, which is derived from how thorough the vetting process is, and to a lesser extent how strong the warranty is. Certificate vendors that sell SSL certificates for what seems to be a higher price spend more time authenticating the identity of the person buying the certificate, i.e. "certifying" the buyer. They in effect will ensure that the person buying the certificate is really the owner of the domain and is entitled to have a certificate for the domain. Consequently, the savvy web user places more trust in the established "brands" of certificate.

We sell several brands of certificates form Symantec, which we believe covers most of the needs of our customers.  Symantec is a premier certificate vendor, and with all of their brands combined is the leading issuer of commercial certificates in the world. Please note that when you buy a certificate thorough eApps, installation is included at no extra charge. We assist you through all steps of the process, from vetting to installation. We also notify you when your certificate is due to expire, and assist you as needed in renewing your certificate. You can certainly install your own certificate, but if you want to have us install a customer provided certificate, there is a service fee. 

eApps also supports Let's Encrypt SSL certificates, which are provided free of charge through an open source project. For more information on how to use Let's Encrypt SSL certificates on your eApps Hosting service, see

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