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FAQ - What software versions are supported?

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Most hosting companies offer the applications packaged in with Fantastico or a vendor's control panel. These applications are often out of date and fail to install in a secure manner.

At eApps we take a different approach. All the applications that we offer to our customers are packaged by the eApps development team to ensure that they install correctly and securely, and are the latest stable versions available. As newer versions of the software we offer become available, our development team tests them to make sure that they are ready for release, and then packages the software so that it can be installed using the Control Panel. We maintain an application repository of carefully selected applications to meet the needs of our users. We also have User Guides that explain how to install and use the applications in our hosting environment, and technical support staff available 24/7 to answer your questions.

See our Application Hosting Overview for more information -, and also the list of Applications List and Search for the current versions of the applications we support -


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