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FAQ - Which application servers are supported?

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eApps provides managed hosting services on the following leading application servers: JBoss, Glassfish, Apache Tomcat, and Ruby on Rails. We generally offer two versions of Tomcat and JBoss to support customers that have applications that cannot run on the most current version.

The exact versions of the software we offer can be found on the Applications List and Search page -

Please note - while you can install any application in any sized Virtual Machine, you will find that certain applications such as Tomcat, JBoss and GlassFish require around 768MB or more of RAM to even start. Please take that into consideration as you create your VMs and select your applications.

Because you have root access to your Virtual Machine, you can install any software you wish. However, only software that is installed from the eApps application repository is supported. Any support request for software you installed yourself will be considered billable.

If you are on a VPS hosting plan using Virtuozzo and the Parallels PBA Control Panel, please contact Sales if you have any questions -

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