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FAQ - Why should I do business with eApps Hosting?

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eApps Hosting was founded as a consulting company in the Spring of 1986. We have changed our business model dramatically. One thing, however, that has never changed is our belief that success in business is dependent on taking care of the needs of our customers, our employees, and our vendors. Focusing on the real needs of real people has been the "secret" to our success for over 20 years.

This approach translates into three key reasons why organizations do business with eApps Hosting.

  1. Reliability - We operate a highly reliable Cloud Hosting operation. On the physical side, we run our operation in a Top Tier data center built with multiple redundancies for power and Internet connectivity. Our network has been designed for high performance and up time. However, there is a lot more to running a reliable managed hosting operation than having outstanding physical resources. We also have the knowledge required to effectively manage and administer the complex application and database server software used in today's mission critical eBusiness applications and web sites.
  2. Responsiveness - A core value of our company, since the day it was founded, is responsiveness to our customers. The hosting industry has a very bad reputation for service. We take pride in hiring and training people that respond quickly and accurately to customer requests for service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We strive to maintain our hard earned reputation for responsiveness and effective problem solving.
  3. Value - We have a modest advertising budget and keep our overhead costs as low as possible. We also offer cost effective technologies, based on Linux and other leading open source software components. We build our own servers using parts from top name vendors such as Intel and SuperMicro. The result is that we can deliver the high end solution you need at considerably less cost than the large managed hosting service providers. eApps customers get the best of both worlds - highly effective services on an IT budget that will go very far.


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