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Migrating Email from VPS to ISPManager - General recommendation

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Email Migration process when moving from a VPS to a Cloud / Elastic VPS (General Recommendations)

Mail service on new servers is current and there are differences that need to be taken into consideration once the new server is live.


  1. As mentioned on the migration email, on the new server there is no concept of a multiple domains account. There will be only single domain accounts and, if needed, forwarding rules will be added to any email account on another domain that needs to be delivered to the main account.


  1. SMTP authentication must be configured on the new profile. The username will be the entire email address and it is necessary to set a new password from the ISPmanager control panel. You can find full details on how to manage mailboxes at:


  1. Test the new profile and make sure that sending email is possible. Confirm that the email arrived to the destination, it should be to an external domain such as gmail, outlook, etc.


  1. The new profile will not be able to receive new emails since mail is still being delivered to the old server. Once the cut over is completed, new emails will arrive to the new profile. Please confirm mails are being delivered once the cut over is completed.


  1. Since old emails are being moved, the new profile will have its own PST file, emails will be downloaded from new server and it would seem duplicated emails from the old PST, do not remove them, this is expected since both, old and new server are configured on the same email client. (I don’t understand what you are trying to tell them to do here or situation you are notifying them about)


  1. If there are special needs, for example an external application that connects to your email server, please contact the agent that is working on the migration and provide all the details.


  1. Once the cut over is completed and the new profile is working properly for receiving and sending emails, remove the old profile from outlook to avoid any problem.


  1. The setup process will need to be completed on any local email client that accesses an email account that is being migrated.


  1. Webmail is also available. Please ask our support team to provide the URL for webmail access.

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