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Apple Mail client setup after VPS migration

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Email Migration process when moving from a VPS to a Cloud / Elastic VPS (Apple Mail)

Mail service on new servers is up current and there are differences that need to be taken into consideration once the new server is being live. 

Our best recommendation is to setup a completely new email profile on any email client that is being used.


Here are some considerations:


  1. Make a backup of your mail on your local computer.

To do this Open Mac mail right click the mailbox you want to export and click on export Mailbox:

This will open a new window, select the location where you want to export the mail to:

Click on choose

This will generate a file called INBOX.mbox

You will need to do the same process for any folder you want to save on your local computer. Remember, if your mail client is set not to save emails on the server, you need to make this local copy since we will not be able to move these emails to the new server and we do not have a way to recover them since they are locally saved on your computer.



  1. Add the new email address using either IMAP or POP. If you connect multiple devices / computers to an email account, IMAP is recommended since it will sync data with the server. It may be necessary to check with the IT person in case there is a restriction for any of these protocols. To add a new email account on Mac Mail follow this steps:

Open Mac Mail and go to Mail -- > Preferences

Go to Accounts:


Click on the + sign at the bottom of the screen and select Other Mail Account

Click on Continue

Enter your Name or description, the full email address and the password for it on the new server:

Click on sign-in

It will fail and show something like the following:

Fill in the username (full email address) along with incoming and outgoing server names as provided in an email from Technical Support. If you don’t know the server names, please contact The form would look like this:

Click on Sign In again

By default Mac Mail will attempt to connect using SSL, you will get a warning like this one: 

Click on Continue

Once it authenticates it will show you what you want to sync, select only Mail and click on Done:

With this you have added a new Email Account to your Mac Mail, you can now test sending emails.


If you have any problem, please contact


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