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FAQ - Private Cloud (PvC)

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Do I have a control panel to manage my Private Cloud? Yes, an administrative interface is provided for you to manage your resources. You also have a Customer Portal which provides Billing and service details and is the access point to your PvC administrative interface.

Can I have more than one administrator for my PvC Account? Yes, you have full control over setting up administrator access in the private VPN that is included in your PvC.

Can I set up and manage users in my included VPN? Yes, you have full control of your VPN and can add or remove users as needed.

Can I restrict the access of a developer to just the virtual machines he needs to work on? Yes, PvC’s access control features are granular to the Virtual Machine level.

Does PvC support Windows? Yes, both Windows and Linux operating systems are supported.

Do I need to upload my own Operating System software? Pre-built OS templates with common software stacks are included. You can also build custom OS templates. PvC also supports cloning of VMs for reuse.

Can I have more than one VXLAN? Yes, you can have as many as you need. The default size has 512 private IP addresses, but you can have larger or smaller sizes as needed.

Is a backup service available with PvC? Our Enterprise Backup Service, powered by Acronis, is integrated with PvC. From your customer Portal you can purchase backup space and install the backup agent on your VMs. From the Portal you can then access the Acronis administration interface to manage your backups. eApps offers a managed backup service for backups as an option.

Do I need to contact eApps to adjust the size of my Cloud? No, you can easily adjust the size of any resource from your customer Portal. For upgrades, the system will charge you for only the portion of time remaining until your renewal. For downgrades, the system will give you a credit for the remainder of your time.

Can I have eApps manage my Cloud resources and Virtual Machines? Yes, with our Managed Service option we will handle the creation, provisioning, and administration of your Cloud resources.

Can I upgrade or downgrade Virtual Machines without downtime? CPU and RAM adjustments require a VM restart. Your disk however can be upgraded without downtime.

Can I clone a Virtual Machine in my Cloud? You can clone an image from an existing Virtual Machine for reuse.

Can I upload a custom image into my Cloud? Yes, PvC supports most custom images. Contact eApps if you need assistance on a custom image.

Can I customize my Virtual Machine configuration? Yes, you can customize any low-level KVM virtualization setting.

Does my Cloud support site-to-site VPNs? Yes, PvC makes it easy to establish a site-to-site to any endpoint using standard protocols. Your build in VPN eliminates the need for manual GRE tunnels and complex NAT configurations. You simply have less to worry about.

Can I communicate between data centers via private IPs? Yes, your VXLANS are geo-spanning via a low latency, private SD-WAN. This means you do not have to expose traffic between VMs in different eApps data centers over the public Internet using public IPs.

Does PvC have an API? Yes, the OpenNebula API is available for you to use to access and control your PvC resources.

Does PvC support Hybrid Cloud? Yes, PvC can be configured to integrate with other Cloud environments or your in-house infrastructure. PvC also has options for direct connections to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud via a private SD-WAN. Contact eApps Sales for more information.

My newly created VM has a public IP but I can't reach it: Interfaces need to be added in a specific order, make sure when you create a new VM you add first the Public Interface, second the VXLAN Network Interface and lastly the management network. If the VM is already created, you can go to Networks for the VM, remove the interfaces and add them back again in the right order. It may require a reboot of the server once completed.

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